Wacom CINTIQ 24HD Creativ Pen Display (Graphic display)

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  • High-quality display with Full HD resolution (1,920 x 1,200) and a wide color gamut (92% Adobe RGB)
  • Wide 61 cm (24 inch) widescreen format with a particularly wide viewing angle. Ideal for working on large-format HD content
  • Ergonomic base to quickly move the Cintiq 24HD to different working positions. It can even be positioned beyond the edge of the table
  • The advanced pressure- and tilt-sensitive pen technology (2,048 pressure levels) offers a natural working feeling as with normal pens, markers and brushes.
  • Time-saving ExpressKeys, touch rings and a radial menu for individually programmable shortcuts and additional functions.
  • Size & Weight: 769.3 x 463.7 x 64.0 mm (without stand), 29.0 kg (with stand)


  • Already 2-3 years old wacom CINTIQ graphic tablet. As good as unused and without any traces of use!
  • Like New! Very well preserved graphic tablet
  • Installation CD, manual, pen + pen holder, spare mines included, as well as all required connection cables (HDMI). Replacements all unused.
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