my3Dfamily Powder

(white architect)



14 kg/690,00 Euro NET

Advanced, superfine polymer printing powder, which achieves highly detailed results and a great degree of whiteness.

Our purpose build powder went through multiple test phases with the Z 660 Pro and is in stock now.

Compatible with all Z Printers / Projet X60 .. X50 .. Z510 ..

ca. 14 kg/749,00 Euro NET

The my3Dfamily white architect Powder has been specially developed for applications in the architectural field. The white architect Powder can also be used for color printing.

The my3Dfamily white architect Powder behaves like the original powder from the original manufacturer.

Compatible with all Z Printern / Projet X60.. X50.. Z510..

Advantages of My3Dfamily powder over the original:

  • merging of lamination trough infiltration (very slighly lamination visible after infiltration)
  • better structural stability (after 2nd infiltration process) of 3D models / 3D Figuren
  • better repair possibilities of broken off parts after 1st infiltration process using light-UV-glue
  • more intense colours with the My3Dfamily-binders
  • faster suction cleaning of leftover powder within the build chamber.
  • protection of the feeder engine through easily flow of the powder
  • to achieve a constant print quality the powder should be changed completely: --> Service Menü--> empty Feeder--> get powder out-->vacuum my3Dfamily powder out-->fluidieze Feeder
  • better repair possibilities of broken off parts after 1st infiltration process using light-UV-glue

Advantages of ORIGINAL
white architect Powder

  • whiteness degree of 98-99%
  • Sharp edges of 3D models / figures
  • no grate of 3D objects
  • very stable after the pressure and the drying time
  • Brilliant resolution of the smaller printed 3D models / figures
  • one to a maximum of two infiltrations of the objects (with my3Dfamily Infiltrate)


Powder buckets are excluded from exchange and return!!!

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Das white architect Powder in Aktion!

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My3Dfamily Powder Video :





For large order quantities, we also ship our
powder as pallets under agreement.

Just call us at:

Tel.:+49 341 / 99 39 60 39
Mobil: +49 177 / 59 94 37 5



Processing of My3Dfamily *Powder* with My3Dfamily Infiltrate :

  1. Take figures / models out of the printer and brush off the powder carefully.

  2. Use the compressed air station to carefully remove the excess powder from the figures / models.

  3. Use a medium-hard brush to brush over the figures / models carefully.

  4. Dip the figures / models in the infiltrate (alternatively pour the infiltrate over the models), then carefully remove the excess infiltrate with a fuzz-free cloth.

  5. Let the figures /models dry on a nail covered board for 45 to 60 minutes. It will show of a slight white coat on the figures when completely dry.

  6. Repeat step 4 after the figures / models are dried out and increase the dry time to 3-4 hours.

  7. After the 2nd infiltration process take the completely dry miniatures and either repeat step 6, or cover them in an even coat of UV-resistant My3Dfamily clear varnish (matt or glossy). Spray from a 20 to 25 cm distance.

  8. Finished


Here it goes to the Infiltrate: click


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