Polyester Resin


Polyester Resin is a synthetic resin that cures after adding a MEKP hardener. This process is irreversible! It can not be melted afterwards. Polyester does not rot and rust and can be processed with few accessories. Depending on the processing, it is clear, cloudy or opaque when cured. The degree of hardness depends on the composition of the ingredients and can be varied widely.

In the case of polyester resin, a distinction is preferably made between styrene-containing and styrene-free polyester resin, as well as between tack-curing and tack-free curing polyester resin.

Polyester Resin is used in large applications. It can be used for repairs,
covering and component manufacturing. Typical areas of application for the material include boat building, bumpers, gutters, waterproof cladding and much more. Various methods are suitable for processing, for example injection molding and pressing.

Advantages of our Polyester Resin:

  • Easy handling and processing, without further additions of hardeners
  • high resistance to bases, gasoline, oil and weak acids (In strong acids, alkalis, esters, chlorinated hydrocarbons and ketones polyester resin dissolves.)
  • It can be easily processed with glass fiber mats (laminating) because the binder is dissolved in glass fiber mats by the styrene contained in polyester resin. Lamination results in impact-resistant and stable results.
  • electrically insulating and heat resistant


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We offer this product purely in 200l barrels!

It therefore makes sense to handle the shipping of several barrels on pallets. Please contact us by phone if you are interested in our polyester resin. So we can discuss the details in person.




If you are interested in our product, please contact us by phone:

0341/99 39 60 39 or 0177/59 94 37 5

to discuss more details!

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