ORIGINAL Powder = my3Dfamily white architect Powder (ca.14kg) Projet/ ZPrinter 850 / 660 / 650 ec.

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The my3Dfamily * white architect * Powder has been specially developed for applications in the architectural field.
We have produced a product with a whiteness degree of 98-99%! The original Powder of the Z Printer / Projet
series has a whiteness degree of 95-96%. The white architect Powder can also be used for color printing and

character printing. Please note that the 'my3Dfamily white architect Powder' does not melt any layers during the
infiltration process in contrast to the 'my3Dfamily Powder'. The my3Dfamily white architect Powder behaves like
the original powder from the original manufacturer, with the difference that the my3Dfamily white architect Powder
achieves a higher degree of whiteness in the print. The product achieves a high degree of strength even in the printing process and has a visible sharp edge formation of the printed 3D models.


The my3Dfamily white architect Powder will be presented at the fair formnews / November 2018 at our my3Dfamily booth and first for long test series for sale at a fair

Price-performance ratio offered.

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