Refill - Back Pack System for

my3Dfamily & ORIGINAL SERIE Binder

Refill-service process (Back Pack-System):

  1. You order the Back Pack-System for the ZPrinter (650/660).
  2. You order the Back Pack Binder for the Back Pack-System, my3Dfamily Binder or ORIGINAL Serie
  3. You install the Back Pack-System by yourself or we can do it for you. The installation is quiet simple. You can follow the steps on the instruction sheet (pictured step by step guidance) which comes with the product.
  4. You fill the system with our My3Dfamily-Backpack binder.
    (eg.: printer shows "Yellow Binder Low" –> You open the system for the yellow binder until the small wheel stops spinning. Now you can close the system again.)

Advantages of the Back Pack-System:

  • discount!!! Permanent!!!
  • you purchase the same volume with less articles
  • well suitable for companies who print big amounts
  • less waste
  • you can print more with one refill since you don´t need to replace smaller cartridges
  • worldwide delivery

With this system you can easily and conveniently order our
suitable my3Dfamily and ORIGINAL series of colors / binders.

These are available as pictured in their 5l containers.

The colors can be found here as usual: click




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We would like to introduce you to our newly developed Backback System for multi-purpose printers at our booth at Rapidtech / Fabcon 3D in June in Erfurt (DE).

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Delivery weight: 25 kg

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Delivery period: 10 working days

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Delivery weight: 1 kg

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Delivery period: 5-7 working days

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Delivery weight: 500 g

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