Gas filter for Dräger masks ( pair = 2 pieces )

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The X-plore® bayonet filter series with specific bayonet connections provides a cost-effective and practical selection of filters for a wide range of requirements (according to EN 14387 and EN 143: 2000), compatible with all X-plore® half- and full-face masks of the X- plore® series. plore® 3000 and X-plore® 5500


Delivery only in pairs, as it is packed in protective packaging THE DRÄGER X-PLORE® FILTER PROGRAM Whether in the chemical or automotive industry, in shipbuilding, in metalworking and processing, in supply and disposal - Dräger respiratory protection filters have been a synonym for experience and safety worldwide for decades. T hey clean the breathing air of pollutants cost-effectively and effectively.


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Breathing Mask (full), Dräger Breathing Mask (full), Dräger
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Breathing Mask (half) Breathing Mask (half)
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