Refill *ORIGINAL* TEST Binder PAKET 6x ca. 1 litre Projet / Z Printer 850 / 660 / 650 .. ec.

Refill *ORIGINAL* TEST Binder PAKET 6x ca. 1 litre Projet / Z Printer 850 / 660 / 650 .. ec.

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Specially designed binder of the * ORIGINAL series * (STANDART Binder) as a TEST package for the Z Printer`s series.

Test extensively our ORIGINAL product series, you will notice no difference to the OVM material except for the price.

Why can we offer the OVM products on more favorable terms?
We have short distribution routes Our products are not mixed and sold in a garage, but we work with a leading color manufacturer and produce these special color binders of the OVM (ORIGINAL series) under strictest quality conditions.
So we also grant major consumers of OVM material's lasting top quality !!!

All products of the ORIGINAL series of my3Dfamily have been subjected to the strictest production test and comparison test to the OVM !!

This binder is intended for all customers who only want to keep the original color settings of their Z Printers / Projets at and no improvement or more intense shades wish !!!

Features of the binder is a STANDART tone, it is a non-intense tone (just as you are used to from the ORIGINAL printer manufacturer)

Standard coordinated CMYK color, color setting in the printer: Vibrant / PASTEL / Draft

Compatible devices: Projet / Z Printer


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