3D Printing Powder

3D Printing Powder

14 kg/690,00 Euro NET

Advanced, superfine polymer printing powder, which achieves highly detailed results and a great degree of whiteness.

Our purpose build powder went through multiple test phases with the Z 660 Pro and is in stock now.

Compatible with all Z Printers / Projet X60 .. X50 .. Z510 ..

3D Printing Powder

Advantages of My3Dfamily powder over the original:


  • merging of lamination trough infiltration (very slighly lamination visible after infiltration)
  • better structural stability (after 2nd infiltration process) of 3D models / 3D Figuren
  • better repair possibilities of broken off parts after 1st infiltration process using light-UV-glue
  • more intense colours with the My3Dfamily-binders
  • faster suction cleaning of leftover powder within the build chamber.
  • protection of the feeder engine through easily flow of the powder
  • to achieve a constant print quality the powder should be changed completely: --> Service Menü--> empty Feeder--> get powder out-->vacuum my3Dfamily powder out-->fluidieze Feeder

Processing of My3Dfamily *Powder* with My3Dfamily *Infiltrate* :

  1. Take figures / models out of the printer and brush off the powder carefully.

  2. Use the compressed air station to carefully remove the excess powder from the figures / models.

  3. Use a medium-hard brush to brush over the figures / models carefully.

  4. Dip the figures / models in the infiltrate (alternatively pour the infiltrate over the models), then carefully remove the excess infiltrate with a fuzz-free cloth.

  5. Let the figures /models dry on a nail covered board for 45 to 60 minutes. It will show of a slight white coat on the figures when completely dry.

  6. Repeat step 4 after the figures / models are dried out and increase the dry time to 3-4 hours.

  7. After the 2nd infiltration process take the completely dry miniatures and either repeat step 6, or cover them in an even coat of UV-resistant My3Dfamily clear varnish (matt or glossy). Spray from a 20 to 25 cm distance.

  8. Finished


My3Dfamily Powder Video :



Figur_Puler_22better repair possibilities of broken off parts after 1st infiltration process using light-UV-glue

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